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Imagine a floor that has been aged and weathered over time with traces of past traffic and peeling paint. Its “marks” are celebrated as part of the history that makes it interesting today. Add to that charm the ease of maintenance and high quality of an Italian inkjet porcelain, and Elios has a line that is sure to get people excited. It is rustic but would look equally appealing in a contemporary environment. There is a lot of variation and tiles must be blended from multiple boxes during installation.


ESMS--/6336 x 33



Gunmetal (Grey with Rust Tones)
Lead (Dark Grey)
Military Green (Green/Grey)
Plaster (White/Lt. Grey)


The surface bullnose is made from field tile that is cut, ground and reglazed.

ESMS--/SBN2 1/2 x 33 Surface Bullnose



ESMS--/633M 6 X 33 Maori  

Six designs packed randomly and sold by the square foot.

The six designs are sold randomly so orders may include duplicates of some patterns and omission of others. Care should be taken during installation to ensure the desired mix of patterns.


Marks is suitable for residential and moderate commercial use.

Most Italian manufacturers recommend a maximum offset of 8” (20cm) on all large format tiles when setting a running bond. Please refer to ANSI requirements for setting large format tiles ANSI A 108.2 Section 4.3.8.

Before installing the tile you should:
• Ensure the perfect planarity (flatness) of underlying floor base.

• Always double-check the quality of the tiles.

• When setting, tile should be only slightly staggered so that the ends of the tiles are within 8” or less from the ends of the corresponding staggered tile. (See figures 1 & 2) 

• Staggered spacing does not need to be uniform, but should not exceed 8” recommendation. (See figure 2)

• Always leave a joint of approximately 3mm between tiles.

• It is preferable to use grouting material that matches the color of the tiles.


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Marks by Elios Art Tile
Marks by Elios Art Tile
Marks by Elios - Art Tile

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