The Orchestra line takes its inspiration from the natural world of the Mediterranean region and the finest contemporary Italian design. The result is a tone-on-tone decorative line in a rich blend of floral textures and modern geometric patterns. The coordinating solid field tile in the line’s neutral palette allows for endless creativity, as the decorative tiles can be used in entire areas or combined with the solid colors to create striking and memorable features. It is a colored-body glazed porcelain suitable for walls and floors including residential and moderate commercial use.


MUSICAL : 8 x 8 (LFOA--/ML88) 

(Shown Above)The Musical deco features 18 distinct floral and geometric images that are sold randomly. An order may include duplication of some images and omission of others.

MUSICAL : 2 x 2 Mosaic (LFOA--/ML22) 

The 8 x 8 patterns are cut into 2 x 2 pieces, blended, and mounted on approximately 12 x 12 sheets.

MIX (LFOA--/MX824) Size: 8 x 24

On the Mix deco, different patterns intersect on each piece creating a tapestry effect.

PLAIN (LFOA--) Size: 8 x 24

The plain field tiles coordinate with the Musical and Mix by drawing out the soft base tone of each decorative color.


4 X 24 Surface Bullnose 

(Available in Plain and Mix)


Suitable for walls and floors including residential and moderate commercial use. To attain proper mix of graphics and color it is important to mix the tile within each carton and blend tile from several cartons.


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